Plant Cell Biology on CD

Author: Brian E S Gunning, Emeritus Professor, Plant Cell Biology Group, Research School of Biological Sciences, Australian National University, PO Box 475, ACT 2601, Australia
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Plant Cell Biology on CD contains a large selection of images illustrating aspects of structure-function relationships in plant cells. It offers browsing and information for students, from undergraduates to research level, and is a unique resource for teachers/lecturers/tutors to use in their teaching presentations.

Part 1 of Plant Cell Biology on CD will soon be available. It is a two-CD set containing an Introduction to Plant Cells (100 screens), and “Chapters” on Mitochondria (60 screens), Plastids (462 screens) and Peroxisomes (25 screens). There are more than 1000 images, including 100 video sequences/animations, plus transmission and scanning electron micrographs, confocal stereo images, molecular models, most kinds of light micrographs. All images have figure legends (opened by mouse click), and many topics are introduced by text essays. The total size is about 1.3 Gb.

The user interface has been specially-designed to give comprehensive navigation and progress-monitoring facilities, and includes a built-in slide-show generator with which presentations can be arranged, pre-recorded, and subsequently opened for display using one-click controls.
Click here to view a more detailed description - a pdf file (85Kb, needs Adobe Acrobat®)
Click here to view sample screens - the images in these samples are compressed jpgs, at lower quality than on the CDs, but still reasonable for viewing. They show the user interface, but it is not functional.
Click here to preview the complete contents - the images in these screen shots (nearly 600) from the CDs are extremely compressed for quick downloading. They illustrate the entire contents (with captions but not text essays) but are unsuitable for capture and projection. Movies are represented by stills only. The user interface is absent.
Click here to view the Instruction Manual - a pdf file (1.4Mb, needs Adobe Acrobat®)
Click here to view a Table of Contents - a pdf file (195Kb, needs Adobe Acrobat®)
Click here to order Plant Cell Biology on CD (available soon) - $70 (Australian) per copy, with options to order by fax or secure site for credit card transactions. Details