Plant Cell Biology on DVD is a comprehensive atlas of micrographs and movies illustrating structure-function relationships in plant cells. It is designed as a resource for teachers to use when preparing lectures or tutorials, and also provides detailed browsing and information for students, from undergraduates to research level. The DVD is available for Windows (including Vista) PCs; the total size is about 3 Gb. The program can be run from the disc or can be installed to the hard drive (better) or run on a local area network.

Contents: the disc is a major resource of >2000 images and >250 movies in 14 Chapters. Most forms of biological microscopy are represented. Particular emphasis is given to movie sequences showing live-cell phenomena which few students and teachers can hope to see for themselves. All images have figure legends, and many topics are introduced by text essays.

User interface: full navigation and progress-monitoring facilities are available on every screen. A built-in slide-show generator is included, with which presentations and classroom exercises can be arranged, pre-recorded, and subsequently displayed using one-click controls.

Further details: links on the sidebar give access to further information on the program and the contents, to sample images, and to the Instruction Manual. See also

Licence Agreements and ordering:
the DVD is available from Springer-Verlag under single- and multi-user licences:-

Single-User: Licensees are entitled to run and install the program on their own personal computers, and to use it to show the contents to others. The DVD is not to be run or installed in Local Area Networks or Multi-User classrooms nor made available for loan in Libraries. To order, please click on the shopping cart icon or download the product flyer/order form at:

Multi-User: Licensees are entitled to Single-User provisions and in addition may run or install the program in Local Area Networks or in Multi-User classrooms and may make it available for loan in Libraries. For orders, please send enquiries to the following email address:

Author: Brian E S Gunning, Emeritus Professor
Plant Cell Biology Group, Research School of Biological Sciences, Australian National University, PO Box 475, ACT 2601, Australia

Original footage for 17 of the live cell movies in Plant Cell Biology on DVD has been generously provided by Professor Jeremy Pickett-Heaps of the University of Melbourne. For full information on his many superb movies of processes in living protist, plant and animal cells, visit

Click here to view a more detailed description - a PDF file (needs Adobe Acrobat ®)

Click here to view sample screens - the images in these screen shots from the DVDs are compressed JPGs, at lower quality than on the DVD, but still reasonable for viewing. They show the user interface, but it is not functional.

Click here to view the Instruction Manual - a PDF file (2Mb, needs Adobe Acrobat ®)

Plant Cell Biology on DVD is distributed by Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg.
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